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b. Publications

  1. Turner, Mark. 2015. "Blending in Language and Communication." Chapter 10 in Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics. Edited by Ewa Dabrowska and Dagmar Divjak. De Gruyter Mouton.  Analyzes various multimodal constructions related to blending, using Red Hen data.
  2. FitzGerald, William & Todd Oakley. Under Review. "Invocation or Apostrophe?: Rhetorical Dimensions of Prayer Idioms in Broadcast Television" in Pascual, Esther and Sergeiy Sandler, editors, The Conversation Frame: Forms and Functions of Fictive Interaction. Human Cognitive Processing Series.  Amsterdam, NL: John Benjamins Publishing.
  3. Zima, Elisabeth, under review. Multimodal constructional resemblance. The case of English circular motion constructions. In:  Ruiz de Mendoza, Francisco; Luzondo, Alba and Paula Pérez-Sobrino (eds.) Constructing families of constructions. Edited volume for Human Cognitive Processing Series. John Benjamins.
  4. Zima, Elisabeth. 2014. English multimodal motion constructions. A construction grammar perspective. Studies van de BKL - Travaux du CBL - Papers of the LSB, Volume 8. http://uahost.uantwerpen.be/linguist/SBKL/sbkl2013/Zim2013.pdf
  5. Zima, Elisabeth. 2014. Gibt es multimodale Konstruktionen? Eine Studie zu [V(motion) in circles] und [all the way from X PREP Y]. Gesprächsforschung - Online-Zeitschrift zur verbalen Interaktion (15), 1-48. http://www.gespraechsforschung-ozs.de/fileadmin/dateien/heft2014/ga-zima.pdf
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