OpenPose pipeline

Red Hen has vast audiovisual holdings. It would be useful to be able to tag with OpenPose.  Would you like to work on this task?
If so, write to 
and we will try to connect you with a mentor.

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To Do

  • Create Singularity container for GPU version (CPU-Version is here but still in the wrong branch...)
  • Evaluate speed and parallel performance of GPU version
  • Is it possible to
    • create stick videos from JSON?
    • blended videos from JSON and original video?
  • If not -> would it be theoretically possible, i.e. could we implement such a tool?
  • Find out when and how the tracking part of OpenPose is going to be available.
  • Maybe they want to co-operate with us on a project of gesture recognition?
  • Is it possible to improve the detection for PUOH?
  • Is it possible to run the detectors independently of one another? Face and Hands seem to depend on body, but can we run the body model now and then run face and hands later?
  • Will higher resolution help? --> Test on recent recordings of Ellen De Generes Show in high and low resolution
  • Should we use keypoint-scale?
  • Should we enable --part_candidates?


  • Writing search queries is difficult.  Can one search by demonstration? Note that vitrivr,, takes visual sketches as prompts for search. Suppose a researcher at a computer with webcam demonstrates a gesture.  No doubt OpenPose can analyze it.  Could the result of that analysis then serve as the search prompt? Could one provide a clip of someone else performing a gesture to serve as a search prompt? In such cases, the researchers need not write search queries in order to search.