Update the FrameNet tagger to Open Sesame

Red Hen annotates all of its English-language television caption data with conceptual frames from UC Berkeley's FrameNet project -- to our knowledge, by far the largest dataset thus annotated. To achieve this, we use the Semafor 3.0 frame-semantic parser from CMU, and the results are excellent. However, Semafor only works with FrameNet 1.5, and the project has now been superceded by Open Sesame, which also handles FrameNet 1.7. 

The task is to implement Open Sesame's annotation of Red Hen's English textual data with FrameNet 1.7. Would you like to work on this task?
If so, write to 
and we will connect you with a mentor.

In addition, FrameNet has initiated a Multi-lingual FrameNet project, funded by the NSF. Anything that comes out of this project should also be used by Red Hen.