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d. Red Hen Lab - Google Summer of Code 2017 Report

Red Hen mentored 9 coders officially and an additional coder who was under the mentorship of CCextractor.

Google Summer of Code 2017 Projects:

  1. Karolina Stosio: Audio Signal Characterization by Word -- mentor Karan Singla -- github
  2. Divesh Pandey: Speech Recognition System based on Deep Speech -- mentor Tomas Gonzales -- report and github
  3. Owen He: Large-scale Speaker Recognition System -- mentor Mark Turner -- blog and github
  4. Prannoy Mupparaju: Multilingual parsing with SyntaxNet -- mentor Peter Uhrig -- github
  5. Ganesh Srinivas: Learning Embeddings for Laughter Categorization -- mentor Michael Pacchioli -- github
  6. Sri Krishna: Multimodal Emotion Detection on Videos using CNN-RNN -- mentor Jacob Suchan & Mehul Bhatt -- bitbucket
  7. Donghun Lee: Multimodal television show segmentation -- mentor Tim Groeling and Kai Chan -- github -- report
  8. Aparajita Haldar: Neural Network Models to Study Framing in News -- mentor Shruti Gullipuram -- blog
  9. Nayeem Aquib: Controversy and Sentiment Analysis from Text -- mentor Philip Heinrich -- github
  10. Abhinav Shukla: Efficiency improvements to the shot detection pipeline -- mentor Carlos Fernandez