— Red Hen Rapid Annotator


The Red Hen Rapid Annotator is a web-based application designed for rapid annotation of images and video.
Contact for queries: Peter Uhrig

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Links and syntax

Rapid Annotator instructions (password protected):

Annotation task syntax:

  • http://YOURSERVER/annotator/annotator.html?dataset=sample&paramset=gender&user=testuser
For instance,
To create different annotation jobs, set the imageset / dataset, the parameterset, and the user in the URL.
Note that the annotator will remember which images you have annotated and resume where you left off.

Pisa collections

  • Ancient_Rome
  • Cambridge
  • MetMuseum
  • Monde_des_Cesars
  • Oxford
  • Roman_Coins
  • Rome_101
  • Zanker_I
  • Zanker_III
  • test.collection

Pisa annotation schemes

  • gender.param


The Red Hen Rapid Annotator was developed by Peter Uhrig in May 2016 for the rapid categorization of images. Support for video clips was added by Kai Chan at UCLA's Social Science Computing in November 2016. The code is available on Github, which is also where you report any issues.