Red Hen Cockpit

Red Hen status displays.

Capture station monitoring

  • Redalpha -- flawless capture and integration
  • Fenix -- flawless capture and integration
  • Dola -- flawless capture and integration
  • Kraaken -- flawless capture and integration
  • Sands -- flawless capture and integration
  • Rusalka -- flawless capture and integration
    • pending deployment of ccextractor-0.84b-ocr with support for dvb_teletext -- the binary is present in /usr/local/bin
    • pending CCExtractor support for tickertape captions on NTV
  • Troll -- flawless captures and integration of DR1 and SVT1
    • pending technician repairing NRK1 decryption card
    • pending conversion to HDHomeRun DVB-C (requires purchase)
    • we can then experiment with using the MacMini for command-line capture, replicating our standard RPi nest installation on a Mac
  • Odin -- previously fabulously productive, now looking for a new Valhalla.
  • Etna -- capture working, not integrated
    • pending local compression with hardware encoder; ffmpeg with support is installed, but possibly not the right conversion script from frigg
  • Forchheim -- configured, possibly interesting satellite feed
  • Lotte -- down
  • Esfinge -- configured -- pending signal
  • Aton -- partly configured - pending transport across Styx
Processing pipeline monitoring
  • Audio pipeline Case HPC
    • Peter Uhrig's NLP pipeline Erlangen HPC -- in intermittent production
    • Forced alignment -- pending
  • NLP pipeline Cartago -- in production