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Red Hen Lab GSoC 2020 Projects

Red Hen Lab has 8 students for Google Summer of Code 2020.
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Red Hen Lab GSoC 2020 Ideas Page 
Students Projects and links

Wenyue Xi (Suzie)
AI Recognizers of Frame Blends, Especially in Conversations About the Future

Himani Negi
Image and Audio Clustering

Zhiqi Kang
Hand gesture detection and recognition in news videos

Henry Smith
Understanding the Use of Racial, Gender, and Sexual Minority Social Media Messages by Democratic Politicians and their Electoral Implications

Gulshan Kumar
Red Hen's Lab Rapid Annotator

Nitesh Mahawar
Multimodal Show Segmentation

Frankie Robertson
Pipeline for posture & gesture embeddings & query by gesture in vitrivr

Xiaoyu Lu
Age Group Prediction in Images & Audio