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Red Hen Lab - GSoC 2019 Projects

Red Hen Lab has accepted 19 students for Google Summer of Code 2019.
Guidelines for Red Hen Developers
Guidelines for Red Hen Mentors
Students Projects and links Mentors
Aashish Agarwal
Aashish Agarwal

German Automatic Speech Recognition

Jan Gorisch
Elmar Noeth
Shaheen Kader

Speech Recognition & Speaker Diarization for Indian English & Hindi

Thasleema T M
Karan Singla
Ziyu Liu
Zuyi Liu

Chinese Pipeline

Zhaoqing Xu
Mark Turner

Aniruddha Mysore

Cockpit : The Red Hen Monitoring System

Jose Fonseca
Francis Steen

Abhinav Patel
Gesture Detection and Recognition in Television News Blog


Mahnaz Parian

Audio Pipeline: Extend the Gentle aligner
Github and blog


Robert Ochshorn
Yong Zheng Xin
Annotating NewsScape with FrameNet 1.7 and Expanding FrameNet with BabelNet and Deep Structured Semantic Models
Github and blog

 Tiago Torrent,
Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas,
Inés Olza, Javier Valenzuela Manzanares 

Xinyu You

An Online Deep Learning Course For Humanists


Francis Steen
Mark Turner
Rajesh Kasturirangan

Github and blog