h. How to cite and credit Red Hen

Crediting the lab itself: "Such-and-such data and analyses were conducted using the archive and facilities of the Distributed Little Red Hen Lab, co-directed by Francis Steen and Mark Turner."

Crediting the grant funding collection datamining development: "This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under grant 1028381 (2010-2015).

Citing data (text, image, clip, etc.) from Red Hen:

2013-11-25_1900_US_CNN_Newsroom_1500-1543.mp4. Red Hen dataset. http://redhenlab.org

We now have a working citation server on http://babylon.library.ucla.edu/redhen for short clips referenced in publications; contact Mark or Francis for the procedure to follow.

A note on permission to publish or present materials from Red Hen: Using Red Hen for research is protected by section 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act (see below). Quoting or presenting materials from Red Hen in publications or presentations is a separate matter, covered by relevant national and international laws, such as "fair use" laws in the United States. Such use is not something Red Hen has authority to authorize.

Describing the RHL dataset:

The Red Hen Lab dataset contains more than 5 billion words and 500,000 hours of audiovisual files, as well as still image files, text, and so on. The dataset is held equally by the UCLA library and the Case Western Reserve University library, with tape backups and partial mirrors at other sites. The Red Hen Lab dataset ingests a great deal of data every day. The original component of the Red Hen Lab dataset is The UCLA NewsScape Archive, which was originally developed by the Department of Communication at UCLA. Worldwide researchers have supplemented that Archive substantially. Much of NewsScape consists of national and cable broadcasts from the US, with extensive coverage of the Los Angeles and Cleveland, OH media markets, but since 2011, Red Hen Lab has increasingly included non-news data and vast international data. Red Hen Lab now has substantial holdings in English (including UK and Indian English), Spanish (including from Mexico), French, Italian, European and Brazilian Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Bengali. Some of the collection is accessible through an online search engine at http://newsscape.library.ucla.edu/. For copyright reasons, access is currently restricted to RHL researchers.