Google WinSCP, install it on your laptop and you'll never fear the scary little black terminal window again. Granted - the terminal looks cool, like in the first Matrix ('follow the white rabbit, the Matrix has you', etc.) but it's a thing for people like Mark and Francis - the highbrow terminal gurus. Us, dummies, feel safer with the two friendly windows - your files on the left, Raspberry PI on the right - like in the good old Norton Commander. You can even drag the files from RPI onto your desktop, edit rename, etc. Piece of cake. Just follow the install and setup instructions and Bob's your uncle. The only thing you will need to run WinSCP is your RPI local address (see the Router section). And whenever Francis or Mark ask you to edit a file by opening the terminal end entering say: $ nano /etc/network/interfaces

(or something) - you can. Or, instead - just find the 'interfaces' file in etc/network directory in your friendly WinSCP and edit it there in the usual, familiar manner. Of course it won't always work (what if they want you to go "sudo nano" instead of just "nano") but it may and it's easy. Just don't tell the bosses you heard it from me.