— How to add images to the Red Hen web site

by Jacek Woźny (jacekifa@gmail.com)


The Google site currently used by redhenlab.org has a maximum storage allowance of 100MB. We're close to this limit. Since most of the capacity is filled up by images, from now on we will be using Google drive to put images into our site. The method is simpler and faster than the traditional uploading of images, and it allows for inserting other space-costly elements, like videos, presentations, spreadsheets, folders, documents or forms, without the volume limit.

To avoid constantly repeating the list of possible items that can be inserted (image, video, presentation, spreadsheet, folder, document, form), let us employ a simple convention. From now on we will use the word "firkin" to mean any of the already mentioned items to insert. And firkin, as we all know, is a unit of volume equal to a quarter of an ale barrel (or half a kilderkin, obviously). In other words, from now on

firkin = image or video or presentation or spreadsheet or folder or document or form

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How to add images (firkins)

    1. create a folder on your Google drive, set the sharing to 'anyone on the Internet can find and view"
    2. put your images (firkins) in the folder
    3. when editing the Red Hen site, click insert/Drive/image (firkin) and select an image (firkin) from your Google-drive

Frequently asked questions

question: What if i don't have a Google drive? (one of those almost never asked frequently-asked-questions)

answer: Please google the phrase "create a google account" and after your account is created, google the phrase "google drive".

question: I don't know how to click insert/Drive/image (firkin).

answer: Your question is not a question. And now the previous sentence doesn't make sense. Please google "how to edit a google site".

If it does not help, please take a look at the images below (inserted by clicking insert/Drive/image):

If the images didn't help, please watch this video (inserted with insert/YouTube) or read this 978 pages book (inserted by clicking insert/Drive/image):

If neither of the above helped - please do not try to edit the Red Hen Site.

Backup (optional)

If you feel that the firkins you inserted are unique and irreplaceable and wish for them to to be separately backed up, please do it yourself.

Or fill in the form below (inserted with insert/Drive/firkin, where firkin = form) to have your firkin folder backed up by me. Thank you.