Zerrikanian memorable quotes

Another photo of Francis (unconfirmed)

"Detecting color and motion is indeed long since solved, in the computational paleolithic as it were, in the company of bifaced hand axes, Venus figurines, and ritual red ochre" (Francis, 2016-12-14).

" Instead of addressing your book to an exotic coterie of cognitive linguists who already know more or less what you're going to say, you want to write a book for everyone who has ever studied mathematics and hated it, to whom it made no sense, and you want to slowly unfold for them a beautiful and intelligible logic they had never suspected. Maybe at the very end you can conclude that one or two pioneers have been here before, like Lewis and Clark, seeing the big lines in the landscape, but you are the first to show Everyman that he can saunter in this landscape, feel at home in it, and only because you are his guide." (Francis, 2016-12-13)

-- as Copernicus so eloquently put it, we'd be up the Vistula without a paddle.(Francis 2017)

-- Call it the accumulated wisdom of generations of hackers: software that isn't free can't be counted on. Red Hen, whose first mention in the historical record dates back to the Magdalenian (seen below during a momentary setback in an early multimodal encounter), studiously avoids it, as we cannot build a new civilization on closed code. It sneaks up on you, smiling and waving its friendly horns, but before you know it turns and gores you. Just our experience.(Francis 2017)

-- if something goes wrong, it's always possible to drill all the way down and find the culprit. If you install closed-source software, that critical ability is compromised, since you cannot see inside a binary blob. (Francis 2017)

-- Red Hen isn't about to fall into the same trap; it can believe it's not butter; it can sneeze with its eyes open. (Francis 2017)

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