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In January 2016, Red Hen Lab started testing an instance of the NoSketchEngine with the English dataset from NewsScape, set up and configured by Peter Uhrig. We expect to make the link available to all Red Hens within a few weeks.

The NoSketchEngine is ... (please add) Its core capabilities include ... (please add)

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NoSketchEngine dataset

Search interface

NoSketchEngine search interface

Click on "Query types", "Context", and "Text types" to reveal additional search options.

Search results

Your results can be displayed in different ways; here are some examples.


The phrase "iowa caucus", simple search:

NoSketchEngine phrase search concordance

Sentence context

Search term "Trump", case sensitive, first hit in each document:

NoSketchEngine sentence context

Collocation candidates

NoSketchEngine collocation candidates

Data visualizations

Select "Visualization" in the sidebar menu to graph your results.

Frequency distribution

NoSketchEngine graph

Frequency list

Search term "Trump", case sensitive, collocation candidates:

NoSketchEngine frequency list