Developing the ELAN-to-RedHen template

ELAN is a utility for manually tagging text, images, and audiovisual files. ELAN uses templates to guide the tagging. There is a Red Hen ELAN template. For details, see How To Annotate with ELAN. ELAN packages its tags in a .eaf file. As long as the person using ELAN to do the tagging uses the Red Hen ELAN template, Red Hen can convert the resulting .eaf file into tags in the Red Hen metadata format, and incorporate them into Red Hen, for all Red Hens to use. For details, see Integrating ELAN. The conversion code is on github at and on cartago at /usr/local/bin/ Tagging in ELAN and conversion to Red Hen metadata is part of Red Hen's research workflow.


Develop and improve the ELAN-to-RedHen template, and in tandem update the conversion script so that it can convert .eaf files created in ELAN using not only the improved template but all previous .eaf files generated using any previous versions of the template. Can you help Red Hen improve the ELAN-to-RedHen integration?

If so, write to

and we will try to connect you with a mentor.

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