Capture from a tuner without a Coaxial Cable port


Can you help Red Hen learn how to capture broadcasts from a box that lacks a coaxial cable port?

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Most TV tuners, used to capture broadcasts, have a Coaxial Cable port, like this one on the left of the HDhomerun Connect:

An Elgato Hybrid USB tuner also offers a Coaxial Cable port:

If the Television signal is carried by a coaxial cable, one plugs the coaxial cable into the tuner. Sometimes, if one wants to run both a television monitor (for viewing) and a tuner (for capture) from the coaxial cable, one installs a small coaxial cable "splitter," e.g.:

Even when the TV signal is brought by other means (e.g. fiber-optic at a number of Red Hen universities), the fiber-optic box typically has a coaxial cable port, and one can connect it to the coaxial cable port on the tuner with, of course, a coaxial cable.

But Red Hen has now run up against TV boxes that have fiber-optic and HDMI but not coaxial connectors. E.g., this box, which has HDMI, USB, SCART, etc., but no coaxial port.

Such boxes will become more commonplace. Who knows how to get a TV tuner to capture from such a box? Does Silicon Dust, for example, make a tuner that captures directly from such a box, perhaps through an HDMI splitter? Does anyone make a USB-to-coaxial converter? Red Hen is sadly ignorant and seeks to learn.

From Carlos Fernandes 2016-11-16

The SCART port on the box (or Euroconector in Spain, or Peritel in France, all the same thing),

can be converted to RF with a cheap device like this:

Can I get details on the model, where the TV signal comes from and so

on? Keep in mind that SCART carries analog signals; it's a very old

standard that more or less just bundles a lot different cables. You

can think of it as in and out RCA connectors put in a bulky connector.

If the box is new then it's probably there due to some legal

requirements saying that they cannot drop support for non-HDMI TVs

just yet. That's OK to record the signal for it with a TV capture

card, but I'm not sure the HDHomeRun it is.

But if give me more details I might be able to help, since I did lots

of research into European systems back then.