Solved by Turner 2016-06-03. The original HDHomeRun was defective. Its replacement finds the same channels as the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid.

Turner has established an HDHomeRun Dual that works in Cleveland. A Raspberry Pi 2 B, redhen3rpi, is able to record from it. That HDHomeRun at present find many channels on ClearQAM at CWRU, but we find none of the channels that we record using Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, attached to redhen1, a MacMini. Can we make the HDHomeRun see and record these channels?


Configure the HDHomeRun so that it detects and records the ClearQAM channels on the CWRU TV network that the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid already detects and records.

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More information

  1. Note that we could probably get the frequencies for the missing channels from redhen1 and its Elgato EyeTV Hybrid.
  2. Done 2015-06-19: Update the software and firmware: https://www.silicondust.com/support/downloads/software-changelog/
  3. See lineups on Schedules direct. Red Hen has a subscription.
  4. Look for the lineup active at CWRU. At UCLA, the lineup is downloaded automatically. Perhaps the lineup active at CWRU could be used to rename files (or at least to add likely correct show names to files).
  5. For finding your channels, see this discussion: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/328186
  6. See mythTV's lineups: https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Working_QAM_cable_layout — spotty, nothing for Ohio.
  7. See also this Google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/homeruntv/KoFI_BFp4Vo
  8. SiliconDust used to have a list of lineups, but we do not at present detect them.