Slick clipping

Solved. See

Red Hen has the functionality to allow Red Hens to take hi-res snapshots and clips. See .

But the process comes from the early days, when there were few Red Hens, all of them up to speed.

Can the process be made slick?

Imagine, for example, that a Red Hen director is sent an email message that there is a clip request waiting at a URL; the director clicks the link and is taken to a web page with a detailed list of the snapshots and clips requested; the director clicks a button to approve them all, or alternatively approves some but completes text boxes to ask the requester of the clips for further information on some of the other requests; and then clicks send.  The requester receives the approved clips somehow, and also receives somehow the requests for further information. And the information is stored to some repository listing the history and details of all clips provided or taken.

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