scheduling shows with quotes

here are a number of Russian show names that have quotation marks inside them. We can keep track of these names in the header, but we cannot use them as file names.

What we have to do is add them to the schedule script, as in the examples you see here:

# Rename shows where the broadcast schedule name is inappropriate as a file name

case "$SHOWS" in

"В центре событий" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="\"В центре событий\" с Анной Прохоровой" ;;

"Говорим и показываем" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="\"Говорим и показываем\". Ток-шоу с Леонидом Закошанским" ;;

"Итоги недели" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="\"Итоги недели\" с Ирадой Зейналовой" ;;

"Центральное телевидение" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="\"Центральное телевидение\" с Вадимом Такменевым" ;;

"Постскриптум" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="\"Постскриптум\" с Алексеем Пушковым" ;;

"Di martedi" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="Di martedi' (live)" ;;

"Tg1 Dialogo" ) SHOWF="$SHOWS" SHOWB="Tg1 - Tg1 Dialogo" ;;



Once they've been added, they can be scheduled using only the part of the title that is enclosed in quotes -- for instance:

schedule ТВЦ "Постскриптум" 1 888 "Political analysis"

This will generate the correct schedule, and keep the broadcast name in the header of the txt file:

csa@rusalka:~ $ schedule ТВЦ "Постскриптум" 1 888 "Political analysis"


Updating the recording schedule for "Постскриптум" on ТВЦ ...

Using the /nest/xmltv/2017/2017-02/2017-02-08-ru.xmltv broadcast schedule

All matching shows in the broadcast schedule:

"Постскриптум" с Алексеем Пушковым

This show is currently scheduled as follows -- all matching active entries will be replaced:

00 22 11 02 6 channel 10 70min ""Постскриптум" с Алексеем Пушковым" 1 888 "Political analysis"

Broadcast name: "Постскриптум" с Алексеем Пушковым

Scheduler name: Постскриптум

NewsScape name: Постскриптум

# Automated schedule for ТВЦ "Постскриптум"

24 07 * * * schedule ТВЦ "Постскриптум" 1 888 "Political analysis"

00 22 11 02 6 channel 10 70min "Постскриптум" 1 888 "Political analysis"

The ""Постскриптум" с Алексеем Пушковым" schedule on ТВЦ has been updated at Thu Feb 9 15:08:20 +04 2017 and will update itself daily.

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