Completed projects

    1. Slick domain mapping [SOLVED by Austin Bennett 2015-05-22]
    2. Slick capture [SOLVED by Turner & Steen 2015-06-20]
    3. Scripted slick capture [SOLVED by Steen, Fonseca, and Turner 2015-11-28]
    4. Import spreadsheet [SOLVED by Steen 2015-11-05]
    5. How to automate backup of the Raspberry Pi's microSD card [SOLVED by Turner 2015-11-15]
    6. Automatic scheduling [SOLVED by Steen and Fonseca 2015-11-29]
    7. Portugal Capture Station [SOLVED by Turner, Fonseca, and Steen 2015-11-28]
    8. Translation of closed-captions in web presentations [SOLVED by Google Translate]
    9. Integrating ELAN [SOLVED by Sergiy Turchyn 2016-03-01]
    10. HDhomerun at CWRU [SOLVED by Turner 2016-06-03]
    11. Redesign the Process for Installing a Capture Station; convert CWRU to the New Design [SOLVED by Steen & Turner 2016-07-17]
    12. Russian Capture. [SOLVED by Pleshakova, Steen, & Turner 2016-08-29]
  1. Capture of Polish and Czech. [SOLVED by Jacek Woźny, Steen, & Turner 2016-09-16]
    1. Capture from a tuner without a Coaxial Cable (RF) port [SOLVED by Carlos Fernandea 2016-11-16]
    2. Brazil Capture Station. [SOLVED by the Brazilian Pipeline Team]